How to Get a Voucher

To obtain a voucher to have your pet altered you can:
  • Complete the online spay neuter application
  • Contact our office to complete a spay neuter application over the phone, 423-926-8533
  • Visit The Humane Society office to complete an application located at 2101 W. Walnut Street, Johnson City

Low Cost Voucher Prices

Pet TypeSurgery Cost*Rabies VaccineTotal Cost
Cats - Female55.0010.0065.00
Cats - Male45.0010.0055.00
Dogs - Female75.0010.0085.00
Dogs - Male60.0010.0070.00
*Required unless proof of Rabies provided.

Participating Veterinarians

Veterinary Medical Center - 205 Princeton Rd, Johnson City, TN
Paws of Hope Wellness Center - 231 Highway 19 E. Bluff City, TN
Robinson Animal Hospital (Downtown Johnson City) - 202 W. Watauga Ave., Johnson City, TN
Robinson Animal Hospital (Across from K-Mart) 3026 People's Street, Johnson City, TN
Robinson Animal Hospital (In Gray) - 119 Foy Fitch Lane, Gray, TN
*All veterinarians are welcome to participate in our Voucher Program.  If you veterinarian is not listed here, please have them contact us at 423-926-8533 and we can help get them set up.

Who to Contact with Questions

Do you have questions about the program?
  • Call The Humane Society Office - 423-926-8533
  • Email

How It Works

How it works:
  • You will receive a voucher from The Humane Society of Washington County which will have your designated vet's office.
  • You will then need to call the specified veterinarian and set up an appointment that works best with your schedule.
  • When you go to your appointment, you will take with you the Voucher, the set Co-pay, and Proof of Rabies Certificate.

Low Income Assistance Program

Low-Income Assistance Program 
*Only available to residents of Washington County
If you are a resident of Washington County and the prices listed above are not financially feasible for you, please complete the online spay neuter application and check low-income.  You will need to bring to The Humane Society office proof of Total household income.
Proof of household income may include:
  • One month of pay stubs
  • Letters from any government assistance you may receive including Food Stamps, Social Security, Retirement, and Disability showing what you receive each month
  • Tax Return from past year
  • Bank Statement from the past month
Must provide income of all adults (18+) living in the household even if it is not their pet.

Our Office Hours

The Humane Society of Washington County Office Hours:
Monday - Closed
Tuesday thru Friday - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed